Monday, July 13, 2009

Yarn Stormed!

Okay, so I don't know how many of my blog friends know about Yarn Storming. There's a group on Raverly, called Yarn Storming, which is an off shoot of the Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm group. Basically, they were formed to help out those who knit, crochet, or spin but were having a difficult time doing so in the present ecconomy. I fell into that category, and so SOMEONE nominated me to recieve a "stash busting yarn storming box of sunshine!" And it is! This box was filled with so much yarn.

As soon as I saw the box and saw who it was from, I grabbed my camera because I wanted to share my joy of unwrapping it with all of you!

Here's the box. It's big!
Yarn Storming Box

Top Layer....
Yarn Storming Box

Middle layer.... (See the adorable graphic by Lisa?)
Yarn Storming Box

Bottom layer...
Yarn Storming Box

All Layed Out...
Yarn Storming Box

Here's a breakdown of what I received:

I have NO idea what the blue unskeined yarn is. (What is that technically called before yarn is twisted into a hank, but after it's been... niddy noddy-ed?) I tried to see if my cat would attack it, since he's attacked merino, wool, and alpaca in the past, but he didn't. But he also didn't attack any of the merino, alpaca, or wool that IS in the box. I'm going to do a burn test, if I can ever find the yarn end!!! Id' love to know what it is. If the donator knows, please let me know!

5 balls of LB Landscapes = 275 yards
4 Balls Elann Lara = 508 yards
6 balls Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud = 2,640 yards
10 hanks Hacho Merino = 1,370 yards

I have no idea the yardage on the blue yarn, but it definitely puts me well over 5,000 yards of yarn!

I'm such a lucky girl! I can't even tell you all how greatful I am to the Yarn Stormers, and especially Nancy, who is the amazing organizer. I am more yarn rich than I ever have been! This weill help me get through quite awhile of lean-times. I never know just where my next job is, so I always worry about money and buying yarn is a HUGE treat for myself. (Seriously, I needed to buy a new hook today so fulfill a promise, and I agonized for over half an hour over spending the 2 dollars on a "luxury.") Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you know anyone who could be nominated for a yarn storming, please email her at yarnstorming99 AT gmail DOT com.

PS. I also won a couple of giveaways lately and recieved a yarn birthday present, so I'm overwhelmed with fiber. I'll blog about those sometime soon.