Monday, December 29, 2008

Lover's Purse

I made this little purse for my niece's Christmas present. I stuffed it with little girly things - nail polish, bath fizzies, lip gloss, etc.

Lover's Purse

I love how it came out! I used the Solomon's knot / lover's knot for the lacy stitch pattern. I used futuregirl's Sew a Lining into a Crocheted Bag Tutorial to, well, sew the lining into the bag.
See how neatly it came out?:

Lover's Purse

The only thing I'd suggest would be to maybe add more stitches in cases where you're using bulky yarn. I noticed that where the the snaps were was facing a lot of pressure and separating from the bag, slightly. So I added some reinforcement stitching there.

I also used futuregirl's Tutorial on how to weave in the last end when working in rounds. Very seamless.

The ravelry project page is located


JayJay said...

Cute bag! I have some gold yarn that I am dying to make into a crocheted bag. You have inspired me!

futuregirl said...

Thanks for the *two* mentions! :)