Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Approproated Retro Shawl

Early in July, I was visiting my mom to celebrate my birthday. I went up to the attic and stumbled on a few crochet treasures. The first was a baby blanket that I remember. It's a waffle stitch blanket in a variegated blue, pink, white yarn. When I commented to my mother about it, she told me that she had made it. She started it for me, but finished it for my little sister Kayla whom was born 2.5 years later!

Then I also discovered two shawls in a bag. One was a stiff granny square blue shawl. I'm not big on granny squares, so I didn't pay much head, but underneath it was this lovely shawl:


My mother's best friend made it for her when my mom was 19. So this was back in 1974 or so. They're still best friends, although her mother passed away a year or two ago. I appropriated it, cleaned it and love it!
Here's some stitch detail:

I'm so glad that I found it and that it's in great condition. I feel really good about giving it a new home on my shoulders.

I wear it quite often to work. At work, I sometimes have to wear a respirator because of the chemicals used in the air - my body can't deal with chemicals very well. That makes me look like Darth Vader. So I'll often be found backstage, crocheting away on a project with my mask on and this shawl around my shoulders! People comment on how I look like Darth Grandmother! :-P

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