Wednesday, November 12, 2008

12 of 12 November

The 12th of every month, one of my friends posts 12 pictures of her day to share with everyone. I thought it would be fun to do, so here are 12 pictures out of the 89 I took today!


12 of 12 - 10:24a

After snoozing a few times and and snuggling with the husband for a few mintues, I roll out of bed. I know I have to hurry, like usual, but I stop to look in the mirror for this photo. I'm glad I don't generally look in the mirror when I first get up!


12 of 12 - 10:48a

I have to be at work in 12 minutes. I'm stopping to take a picture WHY?


12 of 12 - 11:02a

Rolling into work late, but I slow to take a picture of our sign!


12 of 12 - 11:05a

Only three minutes late by punch card time, which is a couple minutes slow for real time...


12 of 12 - 12:26p

I'm on hold... AGAIN. I called the safe company three times today (and was on hold for 25+ minutes) to figure out if I could and how to change the safe combo...


12 of 12 - 1:27p

One of the actor's bright pink shoes brightens my day. I answer many questions about this and that for them. That's my bag making a public appearance!


12 of 12 - 1:34p

At my work station, trying to get these complimentary (comp) ticket requests squared away while my email inbox continually gives me more to do.


12 of 12 - 4:28p

Donations for Broadway Care / Equity Fights AIDS. I have to sort and band eight buckets worth of cash every time I work this show.


12 of 12 - 6:31p

Had to step outside to see if there was coffee in the other building. The moon was so lovely.


12 of 12 - 7:25p

Whenever I go to the library, I have to stop by the craft books. I picked up three books on needle felting.


12 of 12 - 7:59p

A quick stop at CVS to get a perscription and some Dove deodorant. UNSCENTED as I have multiple chemical sensitivity and resperatory system can't handle fragrance etc.


12 of 12 - 9:33p

Watching last night's House and crocheting while Mycroft keeps my lap warm.


Laux said...

I love this meme.

Also, your cat is huge. And very handsome and helpful of course, but huge! I bet he keeps you nice and warm, I think it's usually the other way around with my cat. :p

Heather Wardell said...

MYCROFT! You are the cutest thing ever. My mother raves about this song she heard once called, "Orange cats make the very best friends", and I can see how they do in this case.

(I found the lyrics: SO sweet!

I have a tortoiseshell cat. I think they make the very weirdest friends. :)

Jennifer said...

Do your legs fall asleep when your cat sits in your lap? :) He looks like a sweetie.

JayJay said...

So, working in the theater isn't all glitz and glamour? ;) What a cool meme!

Anonymous said...

I love your 12 of 12! Who's your friend who does it? I was surfing a few days after reading this post for the first time and discovered that the brother of a friend of ours is the one who created 12 of 12...small world! ( I think I'm going to start participating in December. :)