Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mycroft the Cat

So most every comment was about my cat, so I thought I'd do a short post dedicated to him.

Mycroft found us. When living in a different apartment, we had a fire escape that overlooked a roof of another apartment. One day, I heard a mewing. At first I ignored it, figuring it was coming from someone else's window. But soon I went to the fire escape and a cat was mewing across the rooftops. I called for it, and it came prancing over and immediately rubbed my hand. I couldn't believe that this little guy was so friendly. We couldn't figure out where we came from, though we tried. And after a visit to the vet's for a peeing all over the place problem (UTI) and a stern warning that the cat weighed 17 pounds and was likely to develop diabetes and have chronic UTIs unless he shed some pounds, we took him home and named him Mycroft.

Mycroft is Sherlock Holmes's older brother. He's incredibly smart, but also incredibly fat and lazy. He'd rather sit in an armchair, sipping brandy, then hit the street to figure out a crime. Well, this cat that already knew "no" and not to jump on the table and mostly liked to lay around the house, not tear around, seemed to fit the name.

He'd shed a few pounds since we've had him. I can actually see his hip bones, but he's still a very large cat. In order for him to have enough room on my lap, I have to sit criss crossed in the chair. My legs certainly grow numb with his giant furriness on me, but I just LOVE to hear him purr. He has a purr like a motor boat! It is INCREDIBLY loud, and the song that Heather linked me to fits him perfectly! I'd love to have a listen.


Mycroft is a very gentle cat and is almost always up for a snuggle. Since moving into our new place, he is more active and since he's been getting wet food, he's even more vocal when it gets near dinner time.


Right now he's meowing at his toys, wanting them to move. He doesn't do so well at playing by himself. And he's not socialized with other cats. He's afraid of them and every other creature!


He hates having his paws touched, but I just love them!

(I'll catch up on blogs tomorrow, I promise! It's been a very busy couple of days!!)


Jennifer said...

I thought he might be named after Mycroft Holmes! I am just a sucker for a big kitty.

JayJay said...

Mycroft seems to have found a really good home with you. :)

Heather Wardell said...

I adore him. What a great story, and good for you for taking on a 'large man'.

And I love a cat with a good purr. My Sapphire's ridiculous - I should record her and post it! :)

Yarrow said...

if you can see his hipbones or feel his ribs thats actually ideal weight for a kat :D and what a huggable cat you have.

For some reason my cat doesn't sit on laps >: although he sometimes does but only with me, he also only purrs with me too, which makes my bro jealous especially considering its really his cat lol

Diana said...

Mycroft matches my hair. It's too bad I'm allergic to him. He looks very sweet though and I love picturing him meowing at his toys.

Laux said...

He's so gorgeous! I love tabby cats.

I might also have to steal your idea for a kitty-centric post. ;)