Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This is the dessert I made tonight upon returning from knit night at Yarns in the Farms. I chopped up some red delicious apples and bosc pears (they were what I had on hand!), tossed in some vanilla, cinnamon, sugar, and ginger and put it on the stove until everything was soft.

I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to get the right shapes. On the right is just a sprinkling of cinnamon and on the left is the fresh baked apple walnut bread that Jill's daughter made. (Jill is one of the owners of Yarns in the Farms.)

A homemade candle topped it off. I turned down the lights and surprised the husband with a little treat.

This is the second knit night I've gone to at YitF. The first one was on a Wednesday night, which is run by Carolyn. Both groups of ladies were chatty and inviting and I had a very pleasant time. I again worked on my Lauria's Lovely Lacy Shawl. And again, I received many compliments on my work. No snobbery there!

I also asked the ladies what they thought I should do with my Couch Throw. I'm going to frog back the wonky short rows and do a border. My original intention was to do a border, and I want to do that.

I'll work on that at home and take my shawl out and about. It hasn't grown much since the last time I photographed it. Partially because I realized I had done a couple rows with the wrong hook size and I was concerned about ripping it out. The alpaca is very sticky. But it was suprisingly easy and I've moved a few rows beyond that point now. It takes about an hour and a half to do each row (the eyelit row is quicker!) and I know it's only going to get longer with five increases each row...


Laux said...

Those look really tasty! :) I have some pears in the fridge I need to do something with soon.

Michelle said...

mmm...yummy dessert! That made me hungry for the apple pie my DH asked for. I'll have to bump that up on my baking list!

Yarrow said...

I usually do that with apples only with just cinnamon :D I think I'll try adding vanilla and ginger next time since your picture looks so delicious.