Saturday, November 22, 2008


Thank you to those who left me kind comments on my last post. I needed to hear that I had some people who didn't think I was crazy. :)

Tonight after work, I vegged out in front of the TV and then realized I should be working on something! So, I pulled out my shawl that I've been working on for forever and did about two rows of it while watching criminal justice programs. I don't feel like I'm ever going to finish it. I'm pretty sure that I'll spend the rest of my life crocheting it and it will never be big enough to wrap around me!

I should be starting on some Christmas present type things. Like the hand warmers I'm going to make one of my co-workers. And I might make my Meme a shawl (she's one of our secret santa picks!). But even though I have the yarn to make the gloves, I don't have a pattern idea. I should just look through Ravelry, but something keeps holding me back! Why? I don't know.

I wish I weren't such a procrastinator. I think that work and trying to find another car has been so stressful that I just can't put any energy into doing anything new. Last night I couldn't sleep. I felt my chest all tight and I coudln't get air or stay still because I just kept thinking about what I needed to get done today at work. I finally got up and filled a sheet of paper with everything that I needed to get done. And I actually did it! Except for some things relating the concerts. I decided that I could take ONE day off from that and just pick it up on Monday. I had major things happening tomorrow and next weekend that I hadn't started yet and needed to get cracking on. So I did those things. I finally got to sleep after making the list because I allowed it all to leave my head. I could allow myself to let it leave my head because I couldn't forget it since it was on paper.


Jennifer said...

I'm a list person myself. There's nothing like checking things off that list! :)

JayJay said...

You know, even pigeons procrastinate (there's research on this). I'm never sure if that should make me feel better or worse. ;)