Saturday, November 15, 2008

42nd Street

So the current show that's playing is 42nd Street. My mother and Meme (grandmother) came to see the show tonight. They both really enjoyed it. Throughout the show, I worked frantically to try and finish the couch throw for my sister. I really wanted it to be done so that I could just have my mom take it and give it to her. But I decided that I didn't like the border I had started, so I ripped it out and then I started a simple sc border with two different color rounds. I ran out of the tan! ARRH! FOUR stitches from the end. UGH. But I made it work and ended up crochet backwards from the other side with another end and knotted the two ends together. heh. Whatever works, right?

I did one round of blue, but I want to do a second round before I consider it done. And then I have some ends to weave in. Fortunately, I weaved most of them in as I went, but the last row needs weaving in. I tried crocheting over the ends, but this blanket is too loosely crocheted for that. They stuck out all funny and looked stupid. So weaving them it is!

Tomorrow and Monday I have off. Then I go on an early schedule of 9-5 for two days. Weird for me! I just hope I get enough sleep. I've been needing a crazy 11 hours of sleep lately! I wonder if I'm fighting something off.


Michelle said...

Isn't that so frustrating, when you get so close, and then run out? I've had to crochet backwards from the beginning to finish up before, too. Good luck on the sleep! I'm one of those people who need my 8 hours, or I am not pleasant to be around!

Jennifer said...

What a fun show! I've never seen it live. (We watch a lot of TCM in my house.)

JayJay said...

Ugh, so close with the yarn! I hope you don't get sick.