Friday, November 7, 2008

Sports Themed Baby Blanket

So one of my next projects will be making a sports themed baby blanket for my unborn nephew. His (and his older brother's) room is sports themed. I've been kicking around some ideas in my head.

One is to make a ball-shaped blanket. Baseball, Basketball, Football, or Soccer ball. Most would be fairly simple to crochet in the round and then add surface crochet or embroidery for the details.

Or, I could make a rectangular blanket with ball shapes on it. Crochet a bunch of different balls, then connect them by crocheting around and around. I'm sure I'm thrilled on how this looks, however, so this idea is probably not going to happen.

What about a blanket that looks like a playing field? Football field would be fairly simple, and there's even one out there already. Football Fever (Rav link), for example. Same with soccer, and likely basketball. But for some reason, I'm pretty set on making a Fenway Park baseball diamond blanket. This is very silly. Fenway park is not a normal shape. I'm thinking that maybe there's a way to simplify the shape. Extend the right and left baseline sides so that they make a straight line? I'm also thinking that I'd like to try diagonal crochet for this. Something like this (LionBrand pattern link). And I'd definitely make the grass pattern of the red sox logo and the blocks of different green grass in the outfield.

I really like this idea, but I'm also worried it'll be too ambitious! I think it's either that, or crocheting a baseball with a red sox logo...

Any opinions or suggestions?


Diana said...

As much as I like the idea of Fenway, I feel like it might be easy for the blanket to become muddled and it may not be as easily recognizable as Fenway. I think a Red Sox logo might be simpler and more striking. Good luck whatever you choose!

Laux said...

If it were me I'd go for the big round ball blanket. Only because I know I probably wouldn't screw it up (too bad anyway) and it would be simple and fast.

JayJay said...

It sounds like a cool idea, but I would probably stick with a ball-shaped blanket. I am all about easy, though, so perhaps I'm not the best person to give advice.