Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today I did my duty as an American citizen and I voted. I was totally prepared to wait in line for an hour and crochet while I waited, but it was entirely unneccesary. It was so quiet that it was disconcerting! But my husband and I voted quickly. I was nervous it was over so fast! Here's my ballot and my project.


When I found that Obama won, I couldn't hardly believe it. It is just so surreal that it's over. All this time campaigning and it's done. I'm glad with the result, but it just hasn't sunk in yet. Wow.

Here's my hidiously awesome vintage bag as promised, although not cleaned! Oops. But really it just smells musty, doesn't look stained, so you don't have to smell it. :)

Here's the outside, full of mystery:

Flower puke

Everything dumped out! What suprise.

Contents of the bag

Look at these pot holders! Who made them? What are they made of? Will they melt in the heat? I must do a burn test to find out!

Who's Hot Pads?

And what are these pink and blue things?


It's a fun mystery. I'm sure I'll find something to do with all the yarn, including this BRIGHT YELLOW stuff!



Diana said...

I kind of think the bag is pretty. It would totally match my kitchen! I was expecting something so much worse. Think puke orange and avocado green.

Heather Wardell said...

The pink and blue things look like crocheted maxipads. (Or, they would if they weren't glitter yarn... um, ow. :)

Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane said...

They do kind of look like maxipads! In real life, they're too small for maxipads, though. One thing I like about them is that the oval shape is created the same way I create ovals, which I haven't seen anyone else do yet!

Laux said...

I love that bag. I like that yellow yarn too! (Insert "no accounting for taste" comments/jokes here. ^_^)

Anonymous said...

That bag is awesome - I agree, hideously out of date, but so perfect for a project bag! Great find. :)