Monday, November 17, 2008

Are you Expecting?

So today I went to the bank to change my name on the account. Yes, I've been married for 2.5 years. Yes, I'm a chronic procrastinator, why do you ask?

Anyway, I whipped out my crochet while I was waiting, never missing a few minutes to add a few stitches. A banker comes up to me and tells me that she can help me. Great! I put my crochet away and follow her into her office. I'm in the process of taking off my coat when she said, "Are you expecting?" I looked down at my stomach, confused. I don't see how this woman would ask this question, even though I am dressed in a bulky jacket... "No...?"

She says, "Oh, when I see people do this," her hands wave in vaguely in front of her, "it usually means..."

I replied, "Oh, I was just wondering if I looked fat!" That certainly embarrassed her. "Oh no!" She murmurs slight apologies and I wave them away.

I'm not surprised to get the assumption that handiwork = pregnancy, but it took me off guard that it was after the hook went into the bag. I had stopped thinking about what I was working on (my shawl) as soon as she approached. It's funny that people still make that assumption, even though it's so much cheaper to buy baby clothes and less of a hassle. I wouldn't make everyday things for a baby to wear, and certainly not out of lace weight alpaca that cost me $40! But it's a common occurrence in the fiber world, just not one that had happened to me before!

Now I'm off to watch The Seven Year Itch with the husband. We love our old movies!


Diana said...

Obviously the banker was not familiar with fiber! I think more babies should wear lace shawls.

You would think the first question would be, "what are you working on?' It would lessen the awkwardness.

Jennifer said...

Oh geez! I bet she learned her lesson, though.

Yarrow said...

Maybe its one of those picky babies that love their $40 alpaca lace shawls XD

I usually get the "is someone having a baby" comment :3

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's funny...I've never had it happen, but I suppose it's a matter of time.

Heather Wardell said...

Hasn't happened to me yet either, but I figure it will someday. You had a great comeback! :)

Michelle said...

Other than in the car line at school or family's houses, I don't think I've ever taken the yarnin' with me, so I've never gotten that, either. I however, make it a point to never say that to anyone for any reason. Geez, some people!

JayJay said...

That was kind of rude and weird to just assume. I made many baby projects prior to having one myself.