Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hand Scrub

I decided to try the hand scrub that Laughing Purple Goldfish posted. I did on on the 12th of November, but the picture didn't make the 12 of 12 cut, so I hadn't blogged about it.

Hand Scrub

I liked the scrub. I felt the sugar scrubbing away at the dead skin that was roughing up my hand, and the olive oil made my hands very smooth and soft.

I liked it so much that I tried adding sugar to my gentle face wash because I noticed a little dry skin. Less sucessful because the sugar melted while I was scrubbing! Oops. Maybe I'll try it with a bit of salt...

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laughing purple goldfish said...

glad that you loved the scrub! just go gentle on your face with the salt though... this is the voice of experience talking!!! I heard about using a salt/oil whole body scrub, prior to hopping into the bath for a long soak... well... it felt so good on my body, that my face felt like it was missing out, so I did it too... oops... it was a bit too harsh on my skin... or maybe I was a bit too vigorous with the scrubbing! but my body felt amazing... although can I just add that it was dangerously slippery getting out of the bath, when you entire body has been oiled up! maybe I overdid the oil :)