Saturday, November 29, 2008

21 Things!

I was tagged by Laux, Diana and Aimee, I thought I'd do 21 things instead of seven! Here goes....

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  1. People think I'm being fake when I'm wishing them a happy holiday, etc. but really I'm just very enthusiastic and I MEAN it.
  2. My dad used to stop me from crying as a baby by kissing the bridge of my nose (like so that either side of his lips were on either side of my nose - sideways like).
  3. I will eat cranberry sauce out of the can. My little sister Kayla and I used to sometimes feed ourselves this way - by splitting a can of cranberry sauce.
  4. I dropped out of high school when I was 16 to go to college.
  5. I only drink mixed drinks with rum in them. I do not like any other alcoholic beverage, except Mike's and those kinds of drinks.
  6. The only time I failed a test was a third grade math test. And I cried because I had to get my parents to sign it.
  7. I never had a dog and I've always wanted one.
  8. I started dancing when I was 3.
  9. I had muscle spasms all down my spine when I was 14, permanently ending any thought of dancing professionally. (Dancing in a show, or becoming a dance teacher. Not becoming a ballerina.) That eventually led me into the backstage life of theater.
  10. Tonight I worked on the B.B. King concert. He (aka his assistant) ordered 4 shrimp Chinese food dishes.
  11. My favorite dishes growing up were a humpty dumpty plate and bowl that were purchased specially for me. I loved them and broke them. I wish I had them back.
  12. I had a favorite knit blanket growing up. It was a circle and had pastel rainbow colors. I think made of triangles, rather than concentric rings. I used to pretend I was a princess with it wrapped around my shoulders.
  13. My dad and my sister and I used buy cheap kites and take them flying, sometimes letting them free if they got high enough. We ruined and enjoyed many a plastic kite!
  14. I played soccer for 5 years as a sweeper and eventually quit to spend more time dancing and acting. I was very good at serrupticiously body checking the taller girls. I was also good at booting a ball down the field, but couldn't score a goal. (The goal totally freaked me out!!)
  15. I had my first panic attack on the first day of 3rd grade. I threw up three times and was still forced into going to school. I hadn't done my book report.
  16. One of my most valuable possessions was a rock. I used to carry it in my right pant pocket. Many of my pants had a worn spot from where it would sit. I was heartbroken when I lost it.
  17. When I was on painkillers for the muscle spasms, I wrote an email about butternut squash and Ben & Jerry's cherry garcia ice cream. It's one of the few things I remember from that 2 month period of my life.
  18. Every night I sleep in fleece pants that I made when I was 14. They're big and baggy and are multi colored. I used to wear them to school and was known as "the girl with the pants." (I also had a pair of crushed velvet NEON green pants with black sequin trim that I'd wear to school.)
  19. I grew my hair out for 5.5 years from chin to butt, then cut it off and donated it to locks of love. My head was much lighter, it improved my back pain!
  20. My husband was (is) my first love.
  21. I call my cat all kinds of silly names like, Dipstick, fartstick, purrpod, catter, stinkbutt, midnight louie, etc. I don't think he gets it.

'Night all! Tomorrow is an Aaron Neville concert!


Anonymous said...

21! Impressive! ;)

Jennifer said...

My husband just made some cranberry sauce. It was delicious...
Aaron Neville! I do an impression of him, actually.

Michelle said...

My little Atley LOVES cranberry sauce. Ever since the Christmas when he was about 1 1/2. He could eat the whole can by himself.

JayJay said...

Now I must see these fleece pants. ;)